Month: November 2018


Race as a Human History Pattern – Essay Sample

There are quite some ancient historical constructs that become a pattern in human history today. Race is one of them. As a matter of fact, race is a categorization of groups of people based on social relations, ancestry or physical traits. It is a false classification with no scientific truth.  It is better termed as […]


Changing Landscape of work – Essay Sample

The developing landscape of job in the 21st-century demands for an education system that is more practical and focused on training of graduates on hands-on skills. The labor market has experienced various and drastic transformation since the beginning of 21st century. These challenges and demands of the workplace as well as workforce have significantly influenced […]


Power Balance Bracelets – Essay Sample

Power Balance bracelets have been very popular amongst various people who believe in them for some years. They are silicone wristbands which are embedded with two Mylar holograms and are thought to have the power to balance the body. The hologram emblazoned in the power balance band is purportedly intended to interact with the body […]